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Profiles are pages about individual people, where each person can add photos, answer questions and display their friends’ comments.


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Articles are individually-designed pages of photos and text about whatever topics you choose.


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Montages are pages of your photos fitted to professionally-designed layouts.

Polls / Awards

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Set online polls and include the results in your book as stylish custom charts.

Photo Pages

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Include stunning full-page photo spreads to take advantage of Yearbook Machine’s outstanding print quality


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Dividers are pages in between sections that keep your book organised.


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Maintain an easy reference to each person’s page number and contact details


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Start your book with impact with our professionally-designed contents pages


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Plain pages at the back of your book for handwritten notes and messages


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You can also easily add your own page designs to your book.

Individually designed for you Each article is made with love in our studio in London

Everyone wants their yearbook to be well-designed and to look good in the future. But great book design takes talent and years of hard work. That’s why we design each article page for you, taking your text and photos and carefully making them fit in with the other pages of your book.

Individually designed for you
Written together

Written together Collaborate with friends to write the best articles you can

The Yearbook Machine online system allows you to assign article pages to be written by one or more people. So the task of writing pages can be shared, and each person can contribute their part to make each article the best it can be.

Four styles available Make each page match your taste

With four modern styles available and the option to customise your articles with your choice of colours, your book’s design is tight and professional from cover to cover.

Four styles available
Collect photos from everyone

Collect photos from everyone Everyone in your book can add photos to be used on article pages

With the Photo Linking feature, anyone can upload photos to the system and link them to the pages where they’ll be most useful. So rather than having to email everyone asking for photos, each person can just contribute what they have directly.

Below are screenshots from our online system displaying how Article Pages are made. For more information on the system, see the Online System section, or to try it for yourself, sign up for a free trial today.

Article Page - Overview Tab magnify

Article Page - Overview Tab See all the content for your profile page at a glance

All the relevant information about an article page, including the article text, linked photos, any comments about the article and instructions from the editor can be seen in the Overview page.

Article Page - 'Photos' Tab magnify

Article Page - 'Photos' Tab Collaborate and collect relevant photos for each page

All pages in the system can have photos ‘linked’ to them by any user in your network. For article pages, this means that anyone with photos related to a topic can link photos to that topic’s page - e.g. all the members of a sports team could link their photos to that team’s page.

Article Page - 'Print Layout' Tab magnify

Article Page - 'Print Layout' Tab Select which photos will be printed in your finished book

The Print Layout tab lets you select a layout for your article page then fit photos to that layout. There are hundreds of layout to choose from and the system intelligently selects layouts based on the amount of text you have written.