Yearbook Machine
What's the story?

Yearbook Machine was started in 2009 by Dan Barker and Tom Allen, two school friends who had experienced the pain of making their own school yearbook and wanted to provide a better alternative. We’ve been based in London since 2010 and have experienced rapid growth since then - serving 50 schools and colleges in 2011 and over 90 in 2012.

We believe the key to making great technology is ensuring close integration between design and engineering. We have always placed a strong emphasis on both disciplines, to ensure that our end products satisfy and delight our customers.

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The Team
The men and women behind the Machine

Dan Barker
Co-Founder, Design & Engineering

Dan has spent the last few years working tirelessly on Yearbook Machine, tweaking every aspect of our book production process and designs to make our products the best available. Dan studied Economics at Cambridge University before leaving to run Yearbook Machine full time.

Jess Brandler
Account Manager

With a BA from Cambridge University and an MA from the Central European University, Jess is the most qualified member of the team. She’s also the best at table tennis and the most fluent speaker of Hungarian. Jess works hard to make sure all of our customers are happy and that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes.

Adam Dunkley
Lead Developer

While studying Computer Science at Nottingham University, Adam fell in with the wrong crowd: the Functional Programming crowd. Luckily, he then spent three years working at Graze.com and is now back on the straight and narrow.

Tom Allen
Co-Founder, Fallen Hero

Tom founded Yearbook Machine with Dan after they were both charged with making their yearbook when leaving school. He helped grow the company from a bedroom operation to where it is today, but realised along the line that the technology industry wasn’t his calling and so now works as an analyst for First State Investments. He remains an active shareholder in Yearbook Machine and gives us a ‘strong buy’ rating.

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