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Yearbook Machine is a complete service that makes getting your own personalised yearbooks fun, easy and hassle- free. We give you your own private online system to collect memories and photos with your friends, then our designers turn what you put online into a beautiful, customised printed book. With thousands of happy customers, a great range of designs and a lifetime guarantee on all of our books, Yearbook Machine is the natural choice for school and university leavers’ yearbooks.

A modern system to make a classic product
Yearbook Machine’s online system makes the yearbook creation process fun and hassle-free. It’s so good, you can collect the data for your book in 2 weeks or less.

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By using a social-networking-style online system, Yearbook Machine turns the process of making yearbooks from a stress into something that’s actually fun, and keeps everyone organised with powerful built-in tools and automatic reminders. Whereas yearbooks have traditionally taken months to create, with Yearbook Machine all the data for your book can be collected in 2 weeks or less.

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hand-finished to perfection
Our designers finish your book by hand to make your books perfectly polished and customised to you.

hand-finished to perfection hand-finished to perfection hand-finished to perfection

Unlike some yearbook providers, we custom-finish every yearbook by hand. While our online yearbook system is great for collecting photos and memories, there are some parts of making a book that are still best done by humans. So once you’ve finished online, our system makes a draft of your design, which is then finished by real graphic designers in our studio in London. This means we can make your book customised to you, designing article pages, adding your school logos and colours and making sure everything’s just right before your book goes to print.

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Fantastic customer support
We’re on hand all day, every day to help with making your yearbook.

Fantastic customer support

Making a yearbook can be hard work. With Yearbook Machine, not only do you get an online system and a design service; you also get the benefit of having people on hand who have been through the process of making yearbooks many times before. So when you do have questions (no matter how small), we’re there on the phone, by email or through online chat to answer them. We really care about giving the very best customer service - if you want to experience it, give us a call today.

Comes Highly Recommended
People say good things about Yearbook Machine...

Yearbook Machine was started by two former students who just wanted to make a better yearbook than was available elsewhere. Over time, we’ve made yearbooks for more people each year, but have always kept our standards high and our service outstanding. This means that we build strong relationships with our customers, and they come back - in our 2012 survey, 98% of customers said they would recommend Yearbook Machine.
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We do hoodies, too
Save £5 per hoodie when you order hoodies and yearbooks at the same time.

We do hoodies, too

When leaving school or uni, you’ve got enough on your plate with exams and deciding what to do next, so having to organise hoodies as well as yearbooks is just another thing to worry about. Yearbook Machine allows you to order high-quality customised hoodies online with just a few clicks, sharing the same list of users as your yearbook, so everything is sorted at once. And when you order both yearbooks and hoodies at the same time, we’ll take £5 off the cost of each hoodie - you’d be hard pressed to find better value.

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