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Profiles are pages about individual people, where each person can add photos, answer questions and display their friends’ comments.


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Articles are individually-designed pages of photos and text about whatever topics you choose.


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Montages are pages of your photos fitted to professionally-designed layouts.

Polls / Awards

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Set online polls and include the results in your book as stylish custom charts.

Photo Pages

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Include stunning full-page photo spreads to take advantage of Yearbook Machine’s outstanding print quality


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Dividers are pages in between sections that keep your book organised.


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Maintain an easy reference to each person’s page number and contact details


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Start your book with impact with our professionally-designed contents pages


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Plain pages at the back of your book for handwritten notes and messages


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You can also easily add your own page designs to your book.

A blank canvas The only limit is your imagination

If you want to include a page that doesn’t fall into one of the other nine page categories, it’s not a problem. Upload your page as JPG or PDF and we’ll include it in your book where you choose.

A blank canvas
Great for sponsors / Adverts

Great for sponsors / Adverts Reduce the cost of your books by getting sponsors

Many groups choose to reduce the cost of their yearbooks for each individual by selling one or more pages of messages from sponsors, such as school alumni associations, local businesses and graduate employers.