Powerful technology with a human touch

Powerful technology with a human touch
Only Yearbook Machine combines powerful online software with the touch of real designers.

Yearbook Machine is the only company that combines both a powerful, fully-featured online system and an all-inclusive hand-finished design service. Where others attempt to do everything online, we have real designers to give a level of detail and finish that computers just can’t match.

1. SIGN UP Time taken: < 5 minutes

Sign up for our online system, configure which pages you want in your book and the style of your profile pages. It’s completely free to use our system and you can get started immediately.


2. INVITE FRIENDS Time taken: < 5 minutes

Once your yearbook is set up, it’s time to invite some friends. Yearbook Machine makes it easy by allowing you to invite by email, through Facebook or by giving a secret keyword to everyone you want to join.

3. Interact & Create Time taken: 1 - 4 weeks

This is where the fun begins! When everyone’s on the system, you can write on each other’s profiles, upload, share and comment on photos and vote in polls. Because it’s interesting to log in just to see what’s going on, you’ll find that your yearbook quickly fills up with content.


4. Check & Submit Time taken: 1 - 5 days

Most of our customers generate so much content during their time online that they need to refine it down to fit in the space available. This is great as it means that only the best stuff gets in, and most of the pages of the book will be full. It’s at this stage that teachers and editors can also look over the content to make sure it’s all OK to print.

5. Design & Customise Time taken: 1 - 5 days

When you’ve finished creating your content online, it gets sent to our studio where it is turned into the design for your printed book. We’ll customise it with your school’s logo and colours and send you a PDF proof before printing to make sure you’re 100% happy.


6. Payment, Print & Delivery Time taken: 2 - 4 weeks

Once you’re happy with your book, payment is made and it’s sent to the printers. Payment is usually in advance although we can also accept payment after delivery with a purchase order from a UK school or college. Delivery takes up to 4 weeks for hardback books although it can be as little as 2; let us know if you’ve got a tight deadline!

Article Pages

Each article page in your book is laid out by hand, fitting the text and photos you provide into a pleasing design in your choice of style Articles can be one or two pages long and can be accompanied by up to 10 images.


Profile Pages

Each person’s profile page is custom-made to fit around their chosen content, and the layout changes according to what they’ve picked to include. We also match all profile pages to your choice of book colours and can add your school’s logo or crest as a highlight in many designs.

Montages & POlls

Montage and polls pages are made according to your choice of templates and are customised to your school’s colours.


Section dividers

We include double-spread divider pages in between each section in your book to keep its structure clean and organised. We can customise these dividers according to your choice of style and colours or can even print full-page photos across them.

Other pages

There are 5 more page types included as standard in each book, and we will tweak and customise every page to fit in with your book’s style and branding. On most pages we change text and highlight colours to fit your chosen colour scheme. We will also add your school’s logo or crest where possible.


Book Cover

Your book’s cover is its face to the world, so it’s important that it makes a big impression. We offer a range of great professional cover designs that we can customise for you, or if you want to make our own design then we will support you with help and advice.

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